When children learn a sport for the first time, they do so in steps rather than achieving perfection immediately. When they are rewarded for attaining each step, they are more likely to do better and work harder towards the ultimate goal of dexterity.


Last November 18, 2020 at Danao Gym, Bohol, fourteen (14) good-performing People’s Organizations (POs) of Wahig-Inabanga River Basin (W-IRB) were awarded with checks amounting to Php150,000 each intended for the purchase of small farm machinery specifically hand tractor with trailer under LES Category IV which will be beneficial and functional in their respective farm lands.


These POs are the following: Barangay Caluasan Rural Developers Association (BCRDA), Taming Agrarian Reform Community Farmers Association (TARCFA), Pamacsalan Tree Growers Association (PTGA), Sitio Ilaya Canlangit Farmers Association (SICAFA), Matin-ao Vegetable Growers Organization (MVEGEGRO), Bagacay Water Users Association (BAWUSA), San Miguel Association Resource Team (SMART), Kauswagan United Farmers for Forest and Agro-Forest Resources Development (KUFFARD), Resource and Environmental Management Organization of Tabok (REMOT), Cagawasan Farmers’ Association (CAFA), Concepcion Livelihood and Environmental Association Project (CLEAP), Katipunan Eskaya Farmers’ Association, San Jose Inabanga People Organization Inc. (SJIPOI), and Sto. Niño Livelihood and Fishermen Association (SLFA).


The awarding ceremony was done during the Convergence Meeting in Danao which was graced by the presence of the following key personalities: Hon. Mayor of San Miguel Atty. Virgilio Mendez, Hon. Mayor of Danao Engr. Jose Cepedoza, Hon. Mayor of Buenavista Atty. Dave Duallo, 2nd District of Bohol Board Member Frans Garcia, Hon. Governor of Bohol Atty. Arthur Yap, and PENR Officer of DENR Dr. Charlie Fabre.


‘I salute the exemplary work of INREMP which benefitted our POs the most. And, I commit that the Provincial Government of Bohol will always be here to support them in all ways possible to help sustain the POs’ subprojects even after INREMP’, Gov. Yap expressed. Indeed, such an appropriate medium to celebrate success. Publicizing this kind of event deems necessary to make our partner POs feel important and appreciated.


This incentive program was conceptualized to supplement the existing subprojects of these POs particularly the Natural Resources Management (NRM) interventions of the Project. And, after a series of deliberation by Provincial Project Management Office (PPMO) and Watershed Management Project Coordinating Office (WMPCO) representatives and officials, only fourteen (14) out of the twenty (20) PO candidates were identified as qualified POs to receive the reward.


But, prior to the said awarding, the decision makers underwent a specific process of establishing the program’s objectives and barometers such as NRM subprojects’ survival rate, quality, and POs’ status and standing in terms of reliability and capability in implementing their respective subprojects’ operations and maintenance. Also, they ensured that these objectives were fairly and accurately set, and clearly communicated to the qualified POs. Moreover, they conducted an assessment of the POs’ areas to determine the latter’s level of demand for a farm machinery. After which, the rules structure and budget were created and developed. The alignment of the incentive program’s objectives to the INREM Project’s primary goals of environmental sustainability and good stewardship was highly considered and executed.


This kind of effective incentive program helps recognize POs who are fully engaged in the Project, validate their good performance, and acknowledge their contributions to the community thus resulting to POs’ increased morale, confidence and pride. It has been noticeable as well that satisfied POs tend to positively respond to rewards through achieving the Project’s desired targets of keeping a high survival rate of plants, attaining profitable subprojects, and sustaining a healthy environment. And, these favorable effects radiate to attract others to work harder to gain such reward in the future. This truly promotes and improves teamwork among members of the PO.


According to PO TARCFA Chairperson, Cornelio Milloria, ‘We are so honored to have received this reward. I and our members were just contented then that our subprojects were successful as to maintaining the productivity of our areas. Such bonus for all our hard work is the least that we could expect. Thank you INREMP!’ Another overwhelmed PO Chairman, Efraim Pecolados remarked, ‘Receiving this kind of reward, farm machinery is so timely since this would be of great help for our farmer members in cultivating their farm lands during this rainy season.’


INREMP believes that more than the concept of reward, it is the value of unity, cooperation and partnership among members of the PO which will push the Project to its pinnacle. The sustainability of the POs’ subprojects is one strong gauge to measure the true success of the INREM Project.


14 Good Performing POs awarded with check amounting to Php150,000 each during the Convergence Meeting last November 18, 2020 at Danao Gym, Poblacion Danao, Bohol



Turn-over of Small Farm Machinery for PO SMART in San Miguel, Danao, Bohol



Turn-over of Small Farm Machinery for PO CAFA in Brgy. Cagawasan, Dagohoy, Bohol

Actual testing of Hand Tractor with Trailer by PO CAFA in Brgy. Cagawasan, Dagohoy, Bohol