Photo Opportunity: Officials, INREMP Head and staff, CESM consultants, distinguished guests, and Peoples Organization after the mass signing of FMP.


Iligan City- Forty-one (41) Peoples’ Organization (POs) from the different municipalities and subwatersheds of Lake Lanao River Basin gathered together for the PO Summit and to officially ink the Forest Management Partnership Agreements under the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project at Plaza Alemania, Pala-O, Iligan City on 28th of November 2018.

For a starter, Forester Arnulfo Osio, INREMP-Regional Focal Person provided a coherent explanation through a visual presentation on the content of the Partnership Agreements.

PENR Officer Mamacaya M. Lucman, Al-Haj, Assistant Focal Person of LLRB, Samsodin B. Taha, PO Officers and a member of Local Government Executive (LCEs) graced the agreement signing witnessed by the Deputy Project Director of INREMP, For. Moises H. Butic, Engr. Sanny Alonto and For. Dreamer Tang.

PENRO Lucman, a full-blooded Maranao expressed his gratitude and support to the long-awaited Natural Resources Management (NRM) subproject partnership. Speaking in Maranao language, he averred, “We will do everything for the success of this project, and   I hope and encourage our partner POs to fully commit themselves to this project.”

The event strengthened the partnership between the POs of LLRB and INREMP by providing incentives in improving forest resources management through subprojects which includes; Reforestation, Assisted Natural Resources, Agroforestry, Conservation Farming and Commercial Tree Plantation. The 41 POs will be implementing singly or a couple of the NRM modalities in the 6 subwatersheds namely: Ramain, Taraka, Gata, Malaig, West, and Marawi-Saguiaran covering a total target area of 2,082 hectares with an equivalent total cost of Php 78, 279,292.00.

Officially closing the ceremony was Atty. Renato Pacaldo, Deputy Team Leader of CESM, who emphasized that the partnership of the PO and INREMP will serve as the first step of the Maranaos to showcase their credibility. He concluded his remarks à la US President John F. Kennedy by saying, “Think not what INREMP can do to you, but think of what you can do for INREMP”, he remarked.


Female Officers of the PO, gladly showing the signed FMP agreement.


Photo Opportunity: Officials and INREMP Staff along with the Peoples’ Organization Officers and CESM Consultants after successfully signing the FMP agreement.