L-R PO BAC Chairman, Brgy Captain, PO President Domingo L. Malaggay, SB Member Aswigue, PENR Officer Atty. Romeo G. Bravo, OIC-CENR Officer For. Raul T. Castro, and PPMO RI Engr Cristle Mariz O. Dawangon


     Within the first quarter of 2020, three Livelihood Enhancement Support-1 (LES-1) Subprojects have been inaugurated and turned over to the respective Peoples Organizations by the Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project-Chico Upper River Basin (INREMP-CURB).


     Two Category 3  (small constructed facility) and 1 Category 4 (agricultural machinery and milling facility) were turned over at Apayao and Kalinga respectively. A 72 m2 shade facility started its construction on November 6, 2019 within 216 sq.m forestland within the Barren Ancestral Domain in Guina-ang, Conner, Apayao. The facility was divided into 4 fertilizer cages, for the purpose of sorting raw materials, shredding, packaging, and storage. The facility was then completed on January 31, 2020 and eventually inaugurated and turned over to Guinaang Community Development Association (GUICOMDA) on February 28, 2020.


     GUICOMDA President Romeo Banco stated in his very emotional response, “we are quite overwhelmed about the different forms of assistance we received from the DENR-INREMP. We are thankful to all the officials and staff for their unending support to our association. We’ve been having a good working experience with the DENR-INREMP which we would like to continue.”


     With this facility, biodegradable materials will be converted into organic fertilizer to reduce community usage of synthetic fertilizers for the adoption of environment-friendly technologies on farming that will help boost a healthier environment.


     On the other hand, 60 m2 green house facility was turned over to Ili Seedling Growers and Farmers Association (ISGAFA) on March 6, 2020 in Conner Apayao. With the increasing demand of fruit-bearing and non-bearing tree seedlings, ISGAFA proposed the construction of the aforesaid facility under Livelihood Enhancement Support 1.


     During the turn-over ceremony, Mr. Dominggo Malaggay, ISGAFA President said, “We are very thankful to DENR-INREMP because through their help, our dream has become reality. We have chosen this as our investment because of a man from Karanglan, Nueva Ecija, who engaged the whole community in the business he established. Now, the municipality of Karanglan is progressive. This is what we envisioned for our Barangay Ili, Conner, Apayao.” A total of 26 households are expected to benefit from the facility. 


     Meanwhile, in Balbalan, Kalinga, three units of thresher with housing facilities were turned over to KALIPI Ab-abaan Organization (KAO). The equipment was proposed under LES-1 because their entire community still uses the traditional threshing which is too laborious and time consuming and in turn, affects the marketing of their by-products.  KALIPI Ab-abaan Organization members joyfully thanked the DENR for the assistance with messages and with song “Dangdang-ay”, a traditional song, lyrics intentionally composed for the event.