Forty-two (42) Peoples Organizations (POs) from the Bukidnon Upper River Basin (BURB) completed its Livelihood Enhancement Support – 1 (LES-1) between November 2019 and July 2020.


The facilities awarded to the POs were constructed and installed based on Asian Development Bank guidelines. Among these are solar drying pavements, mini-warehouse facilities, agricultural machineries, and milling facilities. The POs are responsible for the maintenance and overall operation of the given infrastructures/facilities. For sustainability purposes, they made a resolution for the service rates of the given infrastructures/facilities.


The LES-1 was introduced in year 2016 as a subproject of Integrated Natural Resources and Environmental Management Project (INREMP). It offers support in production and enhancement of the People’s Organizations’ (POs) existing commodities. It is one of the subprojects of INREMP wherein the PO beneficiaries will be able to increase their income in a sustainable way and contribute to the overall improvement of the watershed.

Moreover, LES grants a facility or a combination of infrastructure based on these five categories: 1) Concrete Drying Pavement, 2) Irrigation Water Facility, 3) Small Constructed Facility, 4) Agricultural Machinery & Milling Facility, and 5) Food processing Facility/Equipment.



"IPO BLUPPENTTRAS President Juanito "Datu Uba" Bayawon operating the Abaca Stripping Machine during the LES-1 turnover ceremony last January 22, 2020."